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General questions

1; How qualitative are your passports?

Answer : Our documents are made on genuine blanks. When filling out documents the same fonts and printing methods are used.

2; Can I use your document instead of real one?

Answer : Yes, you can do it.

3; Are my order details kept private?

Answer : Of course, customer details are kept confidential and never shared. All our documents come in plain white envelopes with no mark saying what's inside.

Delivery questions

4; How long will shipping take?

Answer : .Deadline for producing documents and registration in required databases is 10 days. Delivery time 3-5 days.

5; Can you provide a tracking number for the package?

Answer : The orders that shipped by means of DHL (Worldwide Express) and FedEX express airmail are provided with tracking number for the package and a country with our agent can give you the documents.

6; Do any of our company details appear on the document or envelopes they are sent in?

Answer : The documents will be sent in discrete packaging with no reference to our company.

7; Does the delivery name and address have to be the same as the name and address I want printed on my fake documents?

Answer : No. If you want your document to go to another address then just fill in the order form accordingly.

8; Payment questions

Can I pay for my fake document using a credit card or Paypal?

Answer : Unfortunately due to the specification of our business it has been difficult accept this payment methods.
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