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turns out
my cum is purple
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Lo invadiremos pelmazos ggggg 😜

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I have never had sex ever or friends I am 27 years old
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>>198 about time i download this image
We are probably here all on same level.
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i have a wife and six kids
sex is for normies
>>191 (OP) 
Take gaypill

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The prime movement of humanity is superheated plasma of cosmic background radiation, puppet stringing along blood pressure and the 4th-dimensional potential of water consumption.

Horsepower alone can be derived as a dimension of life through pressure dynamics alone.

But my real secret is most of my family has been saved by surgery and medical science. I never touch a hospital bed. I have other secrets.

I am just happy to escape as a Zen monk on fire.


I am Ra. We are not happy with our Venusian scientist claiming he is not helped by any here for this. :)


All are free to share in my "not a cult." Test subjects may apply for their food allowances per day. And a share of life insurance for their families.

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Alright Europoors; imagine if you will Gridiron is popular in your continent and respective countries. All the big teams get together to play a championship tournament.. the "Eurobowl". Which team is winning, whats their name and which country do they hail from?
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Alternative trophy if the first one looks a little retarded

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Replies: >>315
Replies: >>315
>>312 (OP) 
I want to have Saudi massage for my balls then i cum on the Iranian dude
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Okay, sounds fair. but here is your painkillers

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